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Struggling to imagine what your product will look like packaged? Order product packaging prototypes!

Before you place a large order, we’re happy to design a prototype specifically for your product.

We offer prototyping services for Stretch Pak free of charge! Why? Because we truly believe you’ll love the way your product looks and functions in this package.

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See what your product will look like packaged.

At Witko, we know it’s difficult to imagine what a package will look like. However, prototype packages allow you to experience your new package prior to full-scale commercialization. Prototypes are especially useful for internal meetings, retail presentations, and consumer testing.    


Receive a cost breakdown.

With every prototype you order from Witko, you’ll receive a cost breakdown, giving you a chance to evaluate your options before packaging production begins.  

Are you ready to discover contract packaging solutions for your products?

Whether you have a packaging design ready to go or are looking for a turnkey solution, Witko is your contract packaging partner!

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