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Shrink Sleeves

If you want your products to stand out on shelves or to bundle items, shrink sleeves are the way to go.

Using a careful heating process, shrink sleeves contour to your product. This gives your products 360-degree design—helping you stand out among your competitors—and gives you plenty of space to include product information.  


Why choose shrink sleeves?

Shrink Sleeve


Stand out among your competitors.

A well-designed shrink sleeve will definitely make consumers notice your product on shelves, which helps increase sales.


Create a cohesive look for all of your bottled products.


Shrink sleeves can be used on almost any product and can contour to almost any shape. This helps your packaging look consistent across all of your products.


Use bundle options.


Shrink sleeves can also be used to bundle items of like or different size and shape together, such as a bonus pack or club store combination.  

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