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Stretch Pak

When you want customers to notice your product on shelves, choose Stretch Pak.

Stretch Pak, also referred to as Stretch Pack, offers excellent protection and an opportunity to make a visual statement. While keeping your product safe behind a clear, tough film, Stretch Pak allows consumers to handle your product, which helps consumers make informed purchasing decisions.

Why choose Stretch Pak?


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Stand out to consumers.

Stretch Pak helps your products stand out in stores! The package’s unique design gives consumers a 360-degree view of your product, and the foldover Stretch Cards give you space to display beautiful graphics and marketing messages.


Protect your products.

Thanks to a crystal clear film that shrinks tightly, your products will remain secure inside the package eliminating product rotation and always keeping your brand facing the consumer. Even when consumers handle your products on store shelves or when items are shipped, your products will be locked into place and tamper evident. 


Your products can be displayed on shelves OR hung.

With Stretch Pak, your products can either be hung or stand on their own. This gives you and the store flexibility to put your products where they’ll sell best.

Stretch Pak has become of the key packaging styles for Club Stores due to it’s tamper evident and pilferage resistant properties. Stretch Pak is also conducive to multipacks and give aways for opportunities with cross promotion.


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Witko’s Easy Open Stretch Pak feature.

Recognizing the opportunity for “user friendly” packaging, Witko developed the patented Easy Open feature for Stretch Pak.  Even with the Easy Open perforation, Witko’s Stretch Pak retains the tamper evident benefit. It can deliver tremendous value to companies marketing products to seniors and others with physical limitations in terms of user convenience and is an important point of differentiation.


Learn more about our award-winning Stretch Pak design.

We’ve been honored with a DuPont Award for Innovation in Packaging Technology for our Stretch Pak with Easy Open design. This design has also been recognized by the Arthritis Foundation for its ease of use.

More information about Stretch Pak and its design can be found in these publications:

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